Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two Chefs Eating Place

Located at in the heart of Commonweath Drive lies a few Sze Char restaurants to choose from. This is one of my fav Sze Char's since i've discovered it 3 months ago. It features a very neighbourhood environment which i love, a good place to destress after a long day at work.
Parking is a breeze due to relatively huge carparks around the area. Shouldn't be a problem if it's full house at the eating places over there.
Look at the opening hours! They only rest from 3 to 5pm.

Service was quick and the staff were fast to help you get seated.

Diverging away from the main show, there's a little stall that sells very good mutton soup at the corner. Do try it out! Here's a little pic: ----->

On to the main course I've ordered Emperor's Chicken, Golden Mushroom Tofu, Kang Kong, Buttered Pork Rib, Wat Tan Horfun, Hotplate Deer Meat.

The emperor's chicken is good, but a little oily. The soup is not too salty, with a moderate herbal taste, excellent when mixing the soup with the rice to eat. Texture of the chicken very tender, when i chewed on it, the aromatic herbal taste came out nicely with the flavour of chicken meat. I could just suck on the bones and the meat at hard to reach places would just come out easily.

Next, the golden mushroom tofu is one you must try! The tofu which is lightly fried is actually hand made by them, soft, smooth and it has a very unique taste on it's own compared to commercial ones. The golden mushrooms and the thick meat sauce serves as a great companion to the main highlight of this dish. Exceptionally mouth watering!

If you are a huge fan of vegetables, the Kang Kong that they serve is awesome. Once again they managed to find a good mix between the sauces used and the prawn paste to create a master piece. So far for once have not eaten any other kang kongs that tasted like theirs. Served hot off the wok onto my table, i can smell the mild blachan emanciating from the dish. Rule of the thumb for kang kongs, too much prawn paste or blachan used can ruin the dish completely. Especially prawn paste, it can make the dish feel a little too mushy.

One of the house special's is the buttered pork rib. Don't be misled by the name, the pork served is not the ribs definitely. Pork chunks fried til golden brown with a coating of butter seasoning with some herbs and chilli padi. As my teeth sank into this wonderful piece of creation, my taste buds immediately drowned in delight. I suspect they added a little sugar into the coating so it was a little sweet and candied like. The texture is just fabulous, the aroma will flood your senses overtime. Nothing i can say more, a must eat when you come here.

The Wat Tan hor fun, Wat Tan meaning the wet style with egg in the sauce. This dish is a meal on it's own as you can see from the gigantic proportion they served us. How simple dishes like this one taste can tell you about the skill of the cook. If the horfun has enough 'Wok Mei' (cantonese) meaning wok flavour, thumbs up for the cook. And this dish here certainly has no lack of it!

Last but no least, the hot plate deer meat. Initially i was a little irritated by the fact that they served it on the table without covering. As you know the gravy will splitter splatter all over and could hurt someone. I was the unfortunate one to be precise. I found this dish to be good, but not excellent i would say. They added a little too much black pepper and that was the main drawback as it covered the taste of the deer meat. Other than that the meat is tender and with those lovely spring onions, it satisfied my tummy.

To conclude, this place is well worth your time if you are coming from somewhere far. The pricing is relatively cheap, expect around 8 to 15 dollars a person, depending on what you ordered. I spent 9.50 per person on the above meal, all of which are the largest portions.

Food Quality : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Price : 9/10
Ambience : 7/10
Parking : 10/10

Dave's Tummy Rating : 86 Marks